7 things that kill erection

Erection is a complicated procedure that involves many different factors. Man should have healthy nervous system and blood vessels to make it all work in a proper way. There are a lot of things that can deteriorate your sexual function. You should learn to disguise things that can kill erection and try to keep away from them. Look through the list to see if some points are acute for you too.


Look after your blood pressure to prevent the erectile dysfunction. Constant high pressure on the walls of blood vessels can damage them. This makes blood circulation problematic and erection is impossible as a result of that.


If sexual excitement begins in the head then it is natural that depression kills the desire and entails ED problem. However, the problem can occur during treatment. Antidepressants have soothing effect and suppress the sexual desire.

Bad habits: smoking, drinking

Smoking narrows the arteries though it raises testosterone. But harmful substances destroy endothelium and affect blood vessels badly. Do not abuse drinking if you wish to preserve male might. Drug abuse, either recreational drugs or many medications can deteriorate the ability of men to have erection.

Many medicines

When man takes many medications he falls to the category of men who risk facing erectile dysfunction. It is also a mistake to treat ED with all possible means when you are already diagnosed with it. Do not try to take herbal supplements along with medical preparations that doctor prescribed. There can be overdosage. Even over-the-counter medications should be taken with doctor's permission when you are treated with PDE5 inhibitors. Take all drugs as doctor advised. Do not try to add some remedies without informing him about it.

Stress and anxiety

The stressful atmosphere at home and at work becomes a big burden for a man. Not all men are able to cope with it without professional assistance. With time erectile dysfunction develops that contributes to relationships problems of the person. You should learn to communicate with your partner to overcome these problems together.

Bike riding

Choosing sport to keep fit one should be careful with bike riding. Inconvenient seats can harm pudendal nerve in the genital area. Its damage can bring to impotence.


Overweight person has a high level of estrogen while his testosterone is low. It increases insulin level that contributes to the development of diabetes. Obese and diabetic people are more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction.