Early penile rehabilitation help to decrease risks of ED

The surgical procedure of radical prostatectomy is made to remove the prostate gland and damaged tissue around. This surgery affects the sexual function of man, and measures should be taken to restore it. If you take the treatment of penile tissue early and apply intraurethral alprostadil after operation, you get the chance to restore it easier. Quality ED treatment depends upon the term in this way. The earlier you start it – the better the result is. The oral medications also tend to be more effective then.

The idea of early penile rehabilitation is new. Aggressive screening of prostate cancer allows choosing younger patients who are in the beginning of their fifties. The physician Dr.Raina, who practices in the medical center in Ohio, shared the information of this study with us.

Why early treatment is needed

She said that oral medications aimed to combat erectile dysfunction are not helpful in a first year after radical prostatectomy. It also refers to sildenafil. One should not take it 6-12 months after surgery because of insufficient time for regeneration. Therefore oral treatment should wait for some time to start rehabilitation. The treatment becomes successful in 30% of cases. But the result is much better if you take earlier rehabilitation. It is advised to do it increase the rate of success.

How it works and what exactly rehabilitation does

Radical prostatectomy destroys the neural pathway. As a result, men do not experience night natural erections. The level of blood flow becomes lower. It brings to fibrosis of tissue in penile area. Early rehabilitation is needed to improve the blood circulation in male organ to sustain the tissue in penis during regeneration of neural pathway. This helps to increase the efficacy of oral treatment.

Study of American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Within the frames of the study, mentioned above, men were studied after radical prostatectomy surgery that was performed to treat localized prostate cancer. The patients had different forms of early rehabilitation of penile tissues, after which the correct approach is chosen for better result.

  • MUSE© (alprostadil) urethral suppository was given to 68 men. 38 of them were satisfied with the therapy.
  • 74 men received VCD treatment (vacuum constriction device). 60 men received satisfaction with such treatment.
  • 22 men had ICD (intracavernous injection) and they all were satisfied with it.

Besides, 18 men from 22, who had intracavernous injection, took sildenafil as well. 35 men who had not passed rehabilitation in penile area entered the comparison group. The consulting medical doctor Dr.Raina demonstrated the conclusions of the study at the meeting organized by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

All kinds of rehabilitation in penile area brought results, but MUSE surpassed them all. When different methods are combined, it can bring to synergy, and this in its turn improves the erection considerably. Studies have evidently demonstrated the possibility of such synergism. The use of MUSE brought good result for 39% of patients, who could get firm erection. The vaginal penetration was not problematic. Sexual activity was maintained in 74% after that.

If we look at the patients who applied VCD, we will see that 32% confirmed firm erection. All patients had sexual activity. Use of ICD along with Sildenafil or without it increased the rate to 50% of patients with natural erections. At this, 96% had sexual activity.


Let us compare these patients with those who did not have early penile rehabilitation. The result happened to be deplorable. Only 11% of them could reach erection naturally. Just 37% had sexual activity.

The best result was approximately 5 times better than this therefore we can conclude that efforts are worth taking and early penile rehabilitation can easily enhance the patient’s condition if you conduct it within a year after surgical procedure. The other side of the study is that men experience sex when they should not. It is better to wait for a year- a year and a half.

It is advised for urologists to recommend non-oral therapies for patients such as VCD, MUSE, ICD. The majority of specialists feel confusion for this reason because sildenafil taken too early, does not bring effect due to lack of neural pathway. The effect will appear in a year or earlier, but not earlier than 6 months.

It is better to apply non-oral therapy for integrity of vascular tissue first. Later one can use oral treatment as well.