Erectile dysfunction as a symptom of heart disease

Patients with erectile dysfunction should apply to one more specialist. Even the slightest problem with erection is a signal of heart disease that has not revealed itself yet. But the sign of it appeared already when erectile dysfunction occurred. In accordance with the results of new study it shows higher risk of mortality.

There were many studies of this problem but Australian study was the biggest one that established the connection between ED and heart problems. It proved that men with ED face a bigger risk to be hospitalized with heart disease. It does not matter if the one has heart disease history or not. All patients with erectile dysfunction enter the group of risk. Their members have bigger likelihood of dying for any reason.

The study has been conducted by the Sax Institute. It investigated men from 45 and up. The work was published in PLOS Medicine (international journal) and told about Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study. This is the first time when people could see direct link between the severity of ED condition and premature death or hospitalization for heart disease.

The lead author of the study Emily Banks confirmed that risks of heart disease and lethal outcome raises with ED severity. This is acute for patients with or without CVD.

The erectile dysfunction does not cause heart disease but it can be called its symptom as it indicates to underlying cause, which is a silent heart disease. Doctors should use this fact as a signal that cardiovascular disease can occur.

Men feel vulnerable. Pride of man is hurt when male problems appear. However, they should take effective treatment without delay and treat ED alongside with heart disease.

ED is a widespread problem. Every 5th men suffers from it when he reaches 40 years of age. He is diagnosed with moderate or severe ED. The studies that were conducted previously have demonstrated that men with severe ED are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular problem than men who do not have problems with erection. This research has made the unprecedented survey of ED gradients. It divided them into none, mild, moderate, severe.

Dr Rob Grenfell who is a Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Health Director pointed to the significance of this study. He also added that governmental structures should support financially health studies of this kind.

Drawing conclusion from the results of the study, one should take into consideration that it is important for any man with any form of erectile dysfunction to apply for medical assistance. Patient should not postpone it. Treatment of erectile dysfunction should be conducted alongside with check for cardiovascular disease that is silent at that particular moment but it can reveal suddenly in the future and bring to lamentable consequences.

This was one the biggest study with 250,000 people involved into it. The specialists were from the Sax Institute, The University of Sidney, Australian National University, The George Institute for Global Health and Victor Change Cardiac Research Institute. Experts studied hospital records and death records of about 95,000 patients.

The participants were asked about their health and lifestyle. They were studied in the course of 2-3 years. Upon the whole, the researchers examined 7855 hospital admissions that occurred because of cardiovascular disease. They also surveyed 2304 deaths of patients.

Big scale of study helped to determine the link between ED and risks of cardiovascular disease. Men who had ED faced a higher risk of heart attack, CVD, and other heart-related problems.