Kamagra contraindications

Any medical procedure or a medication can become harmful for the patient. The contraindications can be relative and absolute. In relative contraindications different treatment methods are taken together with caution. Though the risk is high, the patient takes it just because the benefits obtained can be more important than possible harm. When contraindication is absolute that means that the medication is life-threatening therefore it must not be used. Let us have a look at Kamagra contraindications. In which situations Kamagra should be taken with caution and when is it completely forbidden?

Kamagra is the medication that includes Sildenafil. This is the main component in Kamagra, and it is FDA-approved. However, even FDA approval comes with a warning saying that the medication does not mix with nitrates. Though it says about Viagra, Kamagra is its generic, so we can easily conclude what will happen.

Some patients experienced problems when they took the medications in a wrong way. Read the leaflet about Kamagra contraindications carefully and follow the doctor's advice not to make a serious mistake.

Kamagra is manufactured in the form of pill, gel or jelly. One should know that gel and jelly are absorbed faster than pills. When patient takes pills 50 mg. tablets are prescribed to him as a rule. The pill is taken before sexual intercourse, and the dose depends upon the tolerability of the person. Doctor increases or decreases the dose of the patient depending upon the response of the body.

Kamagra is contraindicated in persons taking organic nitrates. Men taking any form of Kamagra should fear the effects produced on the pathway nitric oxide. Kamagra raises hypotensive effects of nitrates. Nitrates are prescribed for persons with chest pain. It can be nitroglycerin, for instance. When patients get rid of pain with medication that decreases blood pressure Kamagra contributes to this effect even more and that can bring to dangerous blood pressure. The condition can entail heart attack, loss of consciousness and damage of organs. Never use Kamagra with nitrate medication.

Person with heart disease can have life-threatening consequences in case he uses Kamagra. Any heart problem, be it a coronary artery disease or some defects in the heart, requires study and consultation with a doctor. Much depends upon the severity of heart disease. Use of Kamagra is possible with mild forms of heart diseases.

The person should not take Kamagra when he has hypersensitivity to this medicine. Some patients develop allergy to it and have hives, breathing problems, rash when they use Kamagra. It is better to stop taking Kamagra and find some other solution.

There are medications called poppers. It is not allowed to take them with Kamagra because they contain nitrate. Exclude all over-the-counter remedies when you take Kamagra treatment.

Additional contraindications include impaired liver function, hypotension, retinol disorder.